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“Success is attained on a daily basis. Daily activities form our permanent habits, producing lifetime achievements.”  ~ Rick E. Meyer

As an avid runner, Rick pushes the limits of his physical ability each day. He’s ran an average of 63 miles per week since June 1978. He’s competed in 750 marathons and races in his lifetime. You probably think Rick must be in extraordinary physical condition to have run so far over the years – a real “natural-born” athlete. Actually, physical fitness is only 10 percent of his success. In fact, his Manhattan High School coach, Bill “ Congo ” Congleton, describes Rick as one of the least talented runners to enter the Manhattan High cross country program in its 51 year history.

Mental fitness is the true reason behind Rick’s success. In fact, 90 percent of one’s physical aptitude is cerebral, coming from positive thinking – what Rick refers to as “internal imagining.” Do you have enough internal imagination to create success in your life?

Focusing on the importance of “mental fitness,” Rick’s seminars focus on how daily activities and personal motivation produce results. Having the mindset of a winner sets your success in motion – and helps you to become your absolute best. Rick’s speech topics are inspirational, motivational and faith-based. His current topics include:

Executive Coaching
Running Servants Ministry and Bible Study
The Holy Spirit's Guidance in Business
The Life and Soul Agronomist
If Winning Were Easy, Everybody Would Do It
Running on Faith

Goal Setting and Achieving

The Holy Spirit’s Guidance in Business
Rick’s Applied Research Project at Dallas Theological Seminary, Dallas, Texas

The Bible describes the Holy Spirit as pneuma, “breath of life,” rauch, “presence of energy and activity,” and paraklĕtos which is a combination of para, “alongside,” and kaleō, “to call.”[1] The Holy Spirit remains alive and active in believers (John 14:26; Acts 1:38), including convicting sin and evoking vision. Dr. Lanier Burns responds, “It is always the voice of the Spirit and the Word that we hear when we sense direction from God. This is his role as Paraclete as described in John 14 – 16. His ‘voice’ can take many forms. We are not the judges as to what is valid or not—but it will be in accord with the Word and will necessarily involve servant, service, leadership.”

  • How do leaders recognize, listen, respond and share this guidance?
  • How do leaders and believers know His non-audible voice (John 10:27)?
  • Is the guidance received audibly, in the heart, mind or soul?
  • Does God speak to us through other people?
  • Does God speak to us through physical events and/or circumstances?
  • Are we accountable to the Holy Spirit for the above discernment and actions?
  • What, if any, benefits reside in this obedience?
  • What, if any, penalties result from disobedience?

[1] Sinclair Ferguson, The Holy Spirit (Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, 1996), 16,36.


The Life and Soul Agronomist:

What are YOUR best Management practices for these factors, individually and organizationally?:

  • Seeds of Amazement
  • Plant Population
  • Cultivation
  • Nutrients
  • Negativicides
  • Irrigation
  • Harvest
The exhaustive success factors are covered in Rick’s unique, fresh and enlightening presentation, available as a Keynote or Workshop format. Ask about the YIELDS of AMAZEMENT Manual for you and your organization.


If Winning Were Easy, Everybody Would Do It

This seminar is about desire. How strong is your desire to reach your goals? In life, success is auctioned to the highest bidder. Anything illegal, immoral, or unethical is like purchasing something with counterfeit money. In “If Winning Were Easy, Everybody Would Do It,” Rick concentrates on four key elements of winning:

  • Imagination
  • Visualization
  • Realization
  • Goals

Rick actually encourages his audience to “bite off more than you can chew, then chew it!” This means, you must position yourself to win, avoid negativity and complacency, and always do your best.


Running on Faith

In “Running on Faith” Rick takes the primary elements of “If Winning Were Easy, Everybody Would Do It” and adds a Christian perspective. Faith-based audiences will delight in Rick’s inspirational style incorporated into the principles of winning.


Goal Setting and Achieving

Greatness occurs after leaping (GOAL)! It’s true: You must take a leap of faith to achieve greatness. Rick’s mentor, Bill “ Congo ” Congleton said how you reach a goal simply “depends on how good you want to be.” In “Goal Setting and Achieving,” Rick identifies the key ingredients in setting goals, and most important, in reaching them.

Rick E. Meyer earned a Masters of Art in Christian Leadership from Dallas Theological Seminary in Dallas, TX. Rick also received a Graduate Teacher Diploma for teaching Evangelical Training Association Certificate Courses from Dallas Theological Seminary.