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“Rick E. Meyer’s words speak right to the heart of today’s student leaders – leaders of all ages, backgrounds, and demographics. His message is timeless yet timely and will greatly impact and guide student leaders to the next level.”

Jennifer L. Blalock, M.Ed.
Chief Student Support Officer
Phi Theta Kappa


"Thank You Rick for attending and also for sharing information on the awesome work you are involved in. DFW is truly blessed to have you involved in the community. An honor to be included on this panel with so many accomplished individuals. Thank You for putting this Panel together Rick and anchoring the team."

Joe Boyle

Texas Running Center, Founder
Re: The Running Panel @ Luke’s Locker in Dallas


"Thanks Rick. Great seeing you this last weekend and really enjoyed it! I sure wish I had a video of your opening speech!"

Brent Seifert
Indianapolis, IN
regarding “GOAL Achieving” presentation in Chicago
Beta Sigma Psi Lienemann Award Recipient
18 year Rolls Royce employee

"Mr. Meyer spoke with our middle school and high school students and did an outstanding job motivating them to become the best student and person they can be. He used examples from his own life that were very relevant to his message and students were able to connect with him. Mr. Meyer spoke from the heart and shared with our students his vision of what success is and how students can achieve the goals they set in life. You would be doing your students a great service to have Mr. Meyer out to speak and share his story."

Mr. Cory Worrell
Boone Central Public Schools, Albion, NE

“Rick’s energy is electrifying…he can capture and engage an audience with such ease. Most people know that sports are very physical, but Rick explains the mental science inside sports that creates winners that is unseen to spectators.”

Mendi Alexander
Economic Development/ Networking Specialist
Rural Telephone & Nex-Tech
Hays, KS 67601

What a dynamic presentation you gave last evening!  All who attended had to be energized by the depth of your talk.  Voice quality and projection, gestures, stage positioning . . . are but a few of the many qualities I enjoyed observing you develop. It’s no wonder that you are a SPEAKING CHAMPION as well as a RUNNER PAR’ EXCLENCE (and undoubtedly a great agronomist, too).

Thanks for your contribution to our betterment.

George W. Madsen
OMAHA ADVANCED TOASTMASTER CLUB – V P Education, and Chartering Member  


"Thank you again for speaking at our HelmsBriscoe team event.  As several associates stated, "your session was amazing, great, wonderful, and inspirational!”  The team found your insight and words of experience wonderful.  The best response that shows me you were able to connect with the audience was “We loved it!”    

Thank you again and look forward to having you join us again in the near future."
          ~ Tonja Towne-Barwick, Regional Vice President

"I just wanted to tell you how much our Council enjoyed your presentation!  It was very inspirational and extremely motivating. Your thoughts on goals and winning provided a much needed reminder, and a fresh perspective. It was truly a pleasure to meet you, and we hope to have you speak again soon.

Thank You Again!"
          ~Deborah Ward, Program Support Assistant


Congratulations on your great contest win!
And even better, congratulations on delivering such a tremendous message.
It always about the message.
Best of success to you in Rapid City."
          ~ David DeFord, Author, Speaker, Trainer
              In regards to the Toastmasters D24 District International Speech Contest

"Dear Rick, thanks again for the inspiration you gave us at Salem .  You are one of the best that we have had over the years."
          ~ Charles L. Hanson, retired pastor  


"Dear Rick, we've been so blessed by your presence here this week - the Lord is using you in awesome ways - Our God is an awesome God!"
          ~ Pat, Melanie, Kathy, Jolene, Teri, Loretta, Marlene


"I have enjoyed your speeches. All of your speeches are inspirational, interesting and have some real lessons in life that anyone can relate to. You do an excellent job!"
          ~ Alan Anderson, Real Estate Developer, Farmer, Former College Football Letterman


"When you think of Rick Meyer, you think--truly inspirational! His words and character convey the very idea of qualities of a speaker that people like to hear. Rick is very positive and presents material in a personal way."
          ~ Dean Hawthorne, Hawthorne Insurance

"I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your speech last week. You did an excellent job of comparing running a race to how we live our lives. The lessons in it were very good. So good in fact, that I would enjoy hearing it again. If you ever video tape, put it in writing or prepare a handout for it I would like a copy."
          ~ Lonni Smith, Toastmaster’s Teleconference


"Rick - Thank you so much for coming and speaking to us! We truly enjoyed your message. Thanks again."
          ~ Melissa and staff at St. John's Neumann School (1st thru 6th Grade)



"Rick is an enterprising individual with boundless energy and contagious enthusiasm. Having known Rick for over 15 years, I attest him to be a man of high integrity and character. When relating a story to an audience of 1 or 1,000, Rick's is not a fabrication of truth rather sage wisdom in the spirit of Will Rogers on Jolt Cola. He's truly been there and done that! He lives that which he professes which makes him a rare person indeed. I place confidence in advice shared by Rick over the years and feel fortunate to have spent hours working with him on issues faced in business environments."
          ~ Charles Kahl, Dow AgroSciences

 "Rick, thanks again for the marvelous job you did as Toastmaster for the International Contest.  At the District level - it is crucial that the job be performed well.  You were PERFECT!"
          ~ Sheila N ., 2007 District 24 Spring Conference Co-Chair

"We would recommend Rick to speak at any event. He's a seasoned, sensitive speaker who researches his material extensively. He works diligently to get things right. I would recommend Rick for any event in which a seasoned speaking professional is required."
          ~Mark Nelson , American Angus

"Rick, you have a powerful presence."
          ~ Richard, San Diego , CA

Special interest

"Rick Meyer's personality warms the hearts of his audience.  His tenderness towards youth and seeing them succeed has been a blessing for Nebraska National Teenager Scholarship Program.  As a Masters of Ceremonies for the 2006 and 2007 State Pageant we have appreciated his willingness to dedicate his time and energy to a scholarship program awarding young women for their academic achievements."
          ~Susan Spady , Nebraska National Teenager Director

"We certainly enjoyed and appreciated the message you brought to us at the dedication last Saturday, of the Gardner Therapy and Wellness Center . The newspaper this week (dated March 18, 2004 ) certainly did give good coverage to the event. Pages B1 and B6 include a picture of you and discuss your fine presentation to us. I have enclosed a copy of that paper as I know that your family will want to see the high esteem that you are held in by your community! Again, thank you so much for helping to make this special day such a success! "
          ~ Charles A. Westin, Interim Administrator, Smith County Memorial Hospital and Long Term Care, Smith Center , KS

Seminar feedback

"Thank you for sharing the Good News!!"

“I admire your enthusiasm when speaking.”

“You do a super job.”

“You had great enthusiasm”

“You motivated each of us! Great use of specific examples throughout.”

“I appreciate your enthusiasm and energy.”

“Good display of passion.”

“Excellent voice projection. Good job of relating to the attendees by interacting with audience members.”

“Great use of involving the audience.”

“Nice way to involve the audience.”

“Truly internalized – it’s part of your motivational leadership.”

“Your energy and excitement are what I liked best.”

“I appreciated most your motivational style and enthusiastic delivery and a great message.”


“Great job! Very interesting speech!”

“You had me from the get go – Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.”

“Great speech. You always seem very focused. Thanks.”

“You have held the audiences interest with the stories you have given which I had never heard before.”

“Very good.”

“Great, very convincing and natural. Great use of humor. Excellent examples that reinforced your theme.”

“Great speech, Rick!”

“Great enthusiasm.”

“Rick, very good, you came across with lots of energy. Very easy to listen to and understand.”

“Everyone seemed to be interested in what you had to say.”

“Rick, you have a nice strong loud voice. Excellent message for all to hear. Excellent job.”

“This hits the target. Great job!”

“Very enthusiastic! Super job!”

“Very interesting speech with lots of motivational messages.”

“Great use of personal messages of running in marathon.”

“Great enthusiasm.”

“Very good! Very motivational.”

“Very enthusiastic. The ‘Do we want to’ kept my interest.”

“Great job!”

“Great speech, thanks for presenting!”

“Rick, the audience was glued to you! Great speech!”

“Rick, your speech was very well prepared – very interesting. Excellent job.”

“Great enthusiasm.”

“Very relaxed – Very enthusiastic! Audience was very receptive.”

“Very good eye contact and very enthusiastic about your speech! Rick kept the audience’s interest. Great speech!”

“Great use of Stories! Great message! I enjoy listening to your stories”

“Rick, you have a perfect voice for speaking.”

“Great motivational speech. You did a great job of keeping my interest. Really gave me something to think about, thanks.”

“Very inspirational.”

“Very interesting, much confidence, enthusiasm and inspiring speech.”

“Great speech, Rick!”

“Great enthusiasm, you had the audience’s interest all the way through!”

“Motivated us to want to be our best.”

“Rick’s analogy between running a race and going thru life are superb.”

“Rick, I am so appreciative of your attitude and character.”

“Great analogy from running a race to everyday life!”