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Imagine Greatness

“To be the best, we must think, prepare and respond as the best.” ~Rick E. Meyer

In the words of Hall of Fame Coach Bill Congleton, “Do not be afraid to be great.” Being great implies that we must be willing to challenge ourselves and our vision on a daily basis — asking ourselves two very important questions:

  • How good do I want to be?
  • Did I do my best?

Rick's Leadership Philosophy seeks serving Christ by serving others, striving to represent God's image (Gen. 1:27). The Leader Servant responds to loving God with all of one's heart, mind, and soul, while loving others as much as one loves themselves by serving mankind (Mt. 22:37-39). Through this response, the Leader Servant recognizes the Holy Spirit as the one who influences people, while often using man's service as catalysts (Jn. 16:8; Acts 2).

People whom God places on similar courses with the Leader Servant favorably respond because God offers the greatest results, the richest fulfillment possible. People rebuke the Leader Servant if he (or she) fails to seek synchronization with Christ, thus ignoring or rebuking Christ or if the organizational members rebuke Christ (Jn. 15:18).

The Leader Servant recognizes the triune God--the Father, the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit—as Creation's CEO.
Success is achieving Christ's will for your life. Perpetually seek God's wisdom, knowledge, and understanding necessary for attainment.
We achieve Christ’s desired greatness in our lives well beyond our second wind, rather in our fifth, sixth and tenth plus wind.
Daily Activities form permanent Habits, producing Lifetime Achievements.
Specialties: You are Six Inches from your Greatest Achievements. Submit your heart, mind and soul to Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.
Bite off more than you can chew, then chew it.

Rick E. Meyer has been a professional Keynote Speaker since 2003, sharing real-life lessons on how every individual can imagine greatness.